Monthly Archives: February 2013

The Golden Scourge: Cape Oxalis

Dealing with Cape Oxalis (or not). Over twenty years of gardening and ten years of professional landscape design experience have taught me a thing or two about weeds.  Namely, that it’s a Sisyphean task to try to eradicate certain species. Of those nasty interlopers, Cape oxalis (oxalis pes-caprae) would get my vote for the King […]

Golden Beet and Bell Pepper Soup

This is my new favorite golden soup.  Try it: you’ll like it. GOLDEN GATE SOUP: 2 tbsp olive oil 5 shallots, chopped 3 orange, yellow and/or red peppers, seeded and chopped 3 large golden beets, peeled and chopped 4-6 cups chicken broth 2 tbsp lemon juice salt and pepper to taste 4 oz goat cheese […]

California Immigrant Stories

We Californians don’t mean to be smug about living in the best place on earth… but we are.  It’s no accident that we put down roots on the Best Coast.  The Golden Gate landscape is gorgeous, the mild climate is delightful and our cultural and economic landscapes offer enriching opportunities.  What more could anyone ask […]