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California Immigrant Stories

We Californians don’t mean to be smug about living in the best place on earth… but we are.  It’s no accident that we put down roots on the Best Coast.  The Golden Gate landscape is gorgeous, the mild climate is delightful and our cultural and economic landscapes offer enriching opportunities.  What more could anyone ask […]

UC Santa Cruz Botanical Garden Funhappytime

UC Santa Cruz Botanical Garden Funhappytime: I have the extreme good fortune to live in one of five Mediterranean Climate regions of the world…California!  BUT…if I didn’t live in this sun-kissed, natural wonderland, and had to pick one other region of the world to live in, it would be South or Western Australia. Protea magnifica, […]

Two Words: “Recycled” “Concrete”

As we head into our fourth year of this long recession, all of us in the landscaping profession have become increasingly astute about how to provide homeowners with landscaping remodels that they can afford.  Yet, while they request more economical garden installations, our clients continue to desire beautiful and, increasingly, environmentally sustainable design solutions.  The […]

Adventures: virtual and visual…

Welcome to my new blog. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and joined the ranks of the virtual explorers: bravely roving uncharted terrain and venturing into the internet wonderland… On my own small virtual plot, I’ll try to do a few things: sow some seeds of wisdom about California home landscaping; explore the beauty of the […]