Alameda Contemporary

Bold new hardscape features including new pathways, courtyards, walls and boulders bring drama and beauty to this Alameda ranch house.  Drought tolerant California natives and succulents add color and texture.

Big Boulders

Large moss rock boulders provide a harmonious balance to the impressive giant sequoias in this Oakland garden.  California natives and other Mediterranean-climate plantings add color and texture.

Oakland Wildlife Refuge

Nature-loving homeowners yearned for peace and tranquility- for themselves and local wildlife- in this urban location.  California native plants were carefully selected to attract birds and butterflies.  New contemporary hardscape features reflect the architecture of this home.

The New Modern Garden

Bold, linear forms juxtaposed with organic elements and bright colors create an inviting outdoor space for the whole family. Integrally stained concrete pavers and low walls provide functional spaces and architectural beauty.

Amazingly Beautiful in Berkeley

Inspired by ancient labyrinths they’d encountered in South America, these Berkeley clients wanted to re-create the magic they’d experienced on their travels. True garden alchemy happened as we transformed their back yard into an amazing, magical garden, including a labyrinth, rustic fire pit hang out, meadow and organic veggie garden.

Alameda Victorian

This small Alameda backyard was transformed into a beautiful, multi-use outdoor family room.